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1. What is Project Orion™?

Project Orion™ is a 6-week program that teaches you how to code unique Minecraft plugins and servers in 30 days. It doesn’t matter what your background, knowledge or experience is. 

The program teaches you everything you need to know even if you’ve never coded before. It’s helped over 2,000 everyday people quit being held hostage by third party developers and start successful development careers.

2. How can I get started?

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Learn Java & Minecraft plugins.
$57 Lifetime
  • 4 Weeks Of Full Java Training
  • 2 Weeks Of Minecraft Plugin Training
  • Menus & GUI Training
  • Parallelism & Multithreading Training
  • Velocities & Vectors Masterclass
  • Events & Commands
  • Settings & Localization
  • Custom Items & Skulls
  • Animations & Interactive Chat Training
  • Lag-Free Mass Block Editing Bonus
  • JetBrains Premium Software License
  • Private Community On Discord & Skool


Master Minecraft plugins & compete on a high level.​
$72 Lifetime
  • (Includes everything in Standard)
  • 30+ Hours Of Real-Life Projects
  • 3D Particle Effects Using Libraries
  • High-Performance Databases Training
  • BungeeCord Training
  • Discord Bots Masterclass
  • Vote Rewards (+Web Server Scripts)
  • Obfuscation & Anti-Cracking
  • Custom Monsters & Behavior
  • Ranks, Tiers & Statistics
  • Quests & Claims Systems
  • Anti-Lag & Performance Masterclass
  • Weekly 1:1 Live Training Calls


Revolutionize your skills & go beyond Minecraft.
$147 Lifetime
  • (Includes everything in Premium)
  • Full Minigames Training
  • Selling Premium Plugins
  • Server Scaling & Keeping Players
  • Classes & Upgrades Like Big Networks
  • Map Physical Destruction & Reset
  • Automating Games (+BungeeCord Support)
  • Full Copywriting & Marketing Training
  • Generating Plugin Ideas Workshop
  • Advanced Anti-Piracy Techniques
  • Server Advertising Masterclass
  • Hiring Team Members & Developers
  • Certification (60-Min Exam Included)

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